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Today’s Puwei Waterproof and Breathable Membrane Material Co., Ltd. has won Highly recognized by well-known customers in various industries, products are spread all over the world.

Hippocampus, BYD, CRRC, SAIC, BAIC New Energy, BAK Power, Guoneng Battery, Dajun Control, Juyi Group, Huichuan Technology, Gree Electric, ZTE, Hisense Group, Delta Electronics, Xu Ji Electric, Fuji Electric, Yushi Technology, Zhiye Electronics, Huadean, NVC Lighting, Ocean King Lighting, Yaoliang Lighting, Leiming, etc. Internationally renowned large-scale enterprises have successively reached a cooperative relationship with Puwei Company, which has witnessed the excellent quality of Puwei products and the influence of the industry brand.



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